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Kit Digital

Financial aid to digitize your business with the Digital Kit Program.

The Kit Digital program is an initiative of the Spanish government, within the Recovery Plan aid program and financed by European funds "Next Generation EU", to promote the digitization of SMEs and the self-employed.

LIQUID has accessed the Kit Digital program to advise and guide companies that want to benefit from financial aid to speed up their business. As experts and digital natives we can create a new website or ecommerce to improve your online presence and increase your sales.

  1. Webpage

    • Website and Internet presence

    Design and development of a modern and self-managed website to position your company on the Internet. Get a customized website that presents your company and services and allows you to get new leads. We can integrate your website directly with your CRM so you can manage your leads from there.

    Price range

    8.000€ 25.000€
    Liquid Studio Website
  2. Liquid Studio Online store

    Online store

    • E-commerce

    Design and development of your online store on Shopify. We configure your store with the products, payment gateways and shipments so that you only have to worry about selling online. For more bespoke projects where Shopify can be limited, we work with Craft commerce. In this way we can make more complex integrations with external applications and services.

    Price range

    12.000€ 35.000€
  3. Integration of websites and applications with CRM

    • Customer management

    We make custom developments to integrate your website or application with the CRM you use. If you are not using a CRM, we can recommend one that suits your needs. We take care of synchronizing your website or application to pass all the information about the leads generated by your platform. If you prefer, we can develop our own tool that is fed by your CRM. With this you will be able to have a customized dashboard to manage business opportunities and be able to manage commercial actions from there.

    Price range

    4.800€ 9.600€
    Liquid Studio Integration of websites and applications with CRM
  4. Liquid Studio Analytics of users and online sales with Google Analytics and Facebook

    Analytics of users and online sales with Google Analytics and Facebook

    • Business Intelligence and Analytics

    We specialize in integrations with Google Analytics. We take care of creating and configuring your Google Analytics property, either Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4. If you need it, we take care of the migration from Universal Analytics to GA4. We define and implement all the tracking of the web shopping process through Tag Manager. This way you will have all the information in Tag Manager and you will be able to integrate with other platforms like Facebook without having to program anything. With this solution you can check all the data of your visitors, leads and sales of your website or application from your Google Analytics panel. Or, if you prefer, we generate a personalized report to show the most relevant information for your business.

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    Price range

    1.500€ 5.500€
  5. Digitization of processes

    • Process management

    We analyze your company’s internal processes to detect opportunities for improvement by automating the most repetitive tasks thanks to the development of a custom application. Therefore, we will consider all the tools that are currently being used to define and design an application that acts as an upper layer and integrates with it. In this way, the application can be adapted over time to the structural changes that may occur in your company.

    Price range

    12.000€ 35.000€
    Liquid Studio Digitization of processes
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