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  1. Your daily menu

    Club Menú Saludable gives you a daily menu so you don't have to think what to cook.

    All diets are healthy, balanced and based on vegetables. With the shopping list and the batch cooking you can easily prepare your week's meals in advance.

  2. Concepts

    • Lifestlye
    • Healthy diet
    • Vegan
    • Chef
    • Batch cooking
    • Shopping list
    • Receipts
  1. Design elements

    Club Menú Saludable Design elements
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  2. Mobile first

    We worked on the design of the Web App thinking in mobile first. The design of the responsive version is totally adapted to mobile devices and gives a mobile app experience to the Web App.

  3. Club Menú Saludable design

    Cross-device experience

    Each feature required to think about the different use case scenarios.

    • Mobile: to check the shopping list in the supermarket.
    • Tablet: to follow the batch cooking in the kichen.
    • Desktop: to print the receipts in PDF format.
  1. Web App

    Club Menú Saludable website
  1. The result

    Club Menú Saludable has increased its members community since launching the new platform.

    From the back office application they can easily manage all their weekly menus.

    We keep working together adding new features to improve the web application.

    • +2.500

      Active subscriptors

    • +650

      Vegan receipts

    • €€€


    Club Menú Saludable UI composition
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